Scope of the Company

To proceed up to the uniqueness level in all NDT services guarantees the full satisfaction and appreciation of all our clients and hence paves the road to a new era of excellence in NDT technologies.
To enhance the healthy work environment to achieve the highest productivity at the lowest cost, to provide the clients with the latest technologies at the highest quality all the time in a safe atmosphere.
To exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer services, with high flexibility, and guaranteed quality.
To optimize our team-client relations by improving the efficiency of our operations.
Meanwhile, to observe, inquire about and study the market needs and act accordingly to meet the ever-changing demands of the huge market at ambitious standards of work ethics.

The Team

The administration of our company QCS joins several senior NDT level III experts all over the region in hands with physics-engineering leadership members. Experience that accumulates over more than fifty years is implemented in planning, preparing, executing, and leading operations and upgrading steps in the company. In this regard, both scientific-academic and field hands-on expertise combine and interact to create innovative and effective navigation for the next future package of the company.

Along with this, the multinational integrated team of workers has been formed both of skillful senior and junior technicians. In addition to the intensive training and extensive experience, their original educations include a spectrum of specialties starting from technical diploma, Bachelor of Physics and not ending with mechanical and electrical engineering. The training and experience are tailored to cover all types of NDT operations, especially the vital and complicated ones. In short, we are a well-established company that has gathered experts to satisfy the requirements of our clients for long- and short-term needs. Hence the main spirit of QCS staff seeks always.

“Maintaining the highest quality regardless of the size of the work”