UT Quality Arabia

UT Quality Arabia is group member and a sister company of QCS. It is a joint venture with UT Quality Inc. In Canada, which is a premier inspection service provider to major pipeline and plant construction projects.
UT Quality Inc. offers a full line of advanced inspection solutions supported by an in-house engineering team and a multitude of application development specialists.
UT Quality Inc. delivers on the promise of “state of-the-art” through the deployment of the latest technologies accompanied by support programs to fit the unique requirements of the pipeline and plant inspection marketplace.
Their technologies include: UTScan®; AUT systems, of hardware and software combination technology designed to streamline of pipeline weld inspection process. MetaPhase® Semi-automated inspection system, developed to test welds and materials and includes offshore and onshore inspection of pipe work, vessel, tanks, boilers, and structures accurately efficiently and comprehensively.

Isotopes Arabia

Isotopes Arabia Co. Ltd. (IA) is a premier distributor for the equipment, accessories, and materials of Radiography, MPI, DPI, UT and all other NDT works. They are centrally located in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia, welling to provide high-quality NDT materials and services.
IA is a main agent of Sentinel of QSA Global in Saudi Arabia. The manufacturing and distribution of the radioactive sources is arranged and shipped from and to the manufacturing facility of QSA global, where all the needful actions are followed according to the KACST regulatory applied laws in the kingdom and the IAEA international regulations for international transportation of radioactive materials.
In addition, IA provides the maintenance service for all equipment related to the RT and other NDT services. The transportation of radioactive sources is another potential service that is provided by IA through their fleet of licensed and approved specification to meet the ultimate safe condition for such transportation in and between the various Saudi provinces.