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UT Quality Arabia is a group member company; it used to be a joint venture with UT Quality Inc. http://www.utqa-sa.com, which is located in Canada, UT Quality Arabia, offers a full line of advanced inspection solutions supported by an in-house engineering team and multitude of application development specialists. UT Quality Arabia delivers on the promise of “state of the art” through the deployment of the latest technologies accompanied by support programs to fit the special requirements of the pipeline and plant inspection marketplace. Their technologies include UTScan; AUT systems of hardware and software combination technology designed to streamline of pipeline weld inspection process. MetaPhase Semi – automated inspection system, developed to accurately efficiently and comprehensively test welds and materials and includes offshore and onshore inspection of pipe work, vessel tanks, boilers and structures.



Isotopes Arabia is also a group member company in the same group; it consists on doing three major work:

  1. Supplying
  2. Maintaining
  3. Safe Transportation

Supplying: Isotopes sells and supplies the companies such as UT Quality with the needed materials and support them with it.

Maintaining: the companies such as UT Quality has some materials, which needs maintaining, and Isotopes provides this service.

Safe Transportation: there is a Uranium, which is called source, used in some testing with some materials, this source usually transferred from company like UT Quality and should be taken to the working site, and to transfer this, there is a specific car should be transferred in, and Isotopes provides this service.

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